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DJ Booth - Wheels of Steel.

Presenting DJ Booth, Vince Vinyl and the “Wheels of Steel” mobile disco and cabaret.

Experience Saturday Night Fever and Sunday Night at the Palladium rolled in to one big glitzy ball of music, mullets and bingo-calling. If it is vol-au-vents, cheesy music and a slow dance number that you hanker for, then this is the act for you!

Available as a show and walkabout.

Lord of the bins

Gandalf Garbage and Frodo Bin-Baggins (Can you see what I did there?)

Two very special puppets perched on their very own bins, with a mission to save Middle Earth with their unique recycling message. This can be tailor-made to fulfil each individual client’s eco-friendly remit.

Available as a walkabout.

Bread and Butter managed to transform our town centre bandstand on a grey and rainy day into a little oasis of hilarity and bright sunny lycra

Rosalind Lowry, Ballymena Borough Council